Our Approach

Come & See

At Starcomb Studios we know the significance of mass media and the power it has in the eyes and ears of each beholder. We respect this truth and we honor the responsibility each project presents to creators and to the audience.

This clarity of purpose and sensitivity to the creative process is what sets us a part as a multi-media production studio. We attend to our responsibilities as stewards of public attention with honor, awareness and respect. It's our mission to implement the influence each media project can obtain to uplift, enlighten or inspire the audience.

This is what it means to be a Starcomb Studios Production. This is what we've set out to accomplish. This is how we mind the hive of our society. Now Come and See.

Our Story

Why We Mind The Hive

What started out as love of art, music, film and games became a resolve to bring the change we wanted to see in today's media. Over time the heart of multi-media began to change and the need for meaning, beauty, purpose and responsibility became ever present.

We began as a small family venture with hopes of bringing joy and fun into the hands of mobile users. Over time, our goals began to change and we set out to broaden our impact through film and other media.

With each finished project we'd hone our skills and parlay our experience to push our goals farther and cast the net wider. With each endeavor we set out to create quality media centered on purpose and social responsibility.

Meet the Team

At Starcomb Studios we partner with experienced local industry professionals to offer the best multi-media services with customizable solutions for your project or production needs.


Trina Fallon

Founder & Producer

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Domonic Smith

Director & Editor

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Matt Jimenez

VFX & Graphic Artist

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